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Welcome to the 2018 Wisconsin State Fair!
Please review all online entry instructions listed below carefully.
  • The Social Security or Federal I.D. Number entered MUST match the exhibitor name. Exhibitors who enter online must submit an electronic W-9. The person/information on the electronic W-9 MUST match the person/information making the online entries.
  • All exhibitors are considered "New" each year.
  • You are entering the 2018 Wisconsin State Fair Open Poultry and Open Rabbit Departments. If you are looking for other open departments close this window and choose "Open Beef, Dairy, Draft Horses, Horse Pull, Boer Goats, Miniature Donkeys, Sheep and Swine - enter online here!"
  • Kindly do not type in all caps or lowercase. Your information will appear on all documents exactly as you have it typed.
  • Exhibitors my purchase up to a maximum of 50 admission tickets per exhibitor.
  • To begin click on the "Sign In" button in the upper right hand corner.